Advice for a newbie

Hi, I am interested in getting into the gemstone business.

Any advice is really appreciated.


There is no advice other than you are going to spend a lot of money and lose a lot of money more than likely before you become even slightly established… I would do one of the courses on this site or find a reliable person that will give you advice maybe even help you to purchase. You also need to decide where you want to be… rough, cut or buying rough to cut… and do not skip on the cutting get a decent cutter poorly cut stone is nto saleable.

If you don’t run your own business at the moment or if you do you’ll get what I’m trying to tell you. It also really depends on what aspect of the business you’re interested in. It’s a wonderful fascinating rewarding and invverating business. Just be prepared to spend countless hours with out any income it could take years I’m not trying to discourage you in anyway you asked and I’m being honest. Good luck in your future endeavours


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it.

Just a question though, do you think it’s a business that you will lose a lot of money first, before you become even slightly established? Is it worth the risk though?

Hi Lat,

Thanks for your honest feedback.

I am not in the business yet, but really considering it at the moment. Just want to have an idea if it’s worth all the time, or has the gemstone business died down.

Well I personally think it is, gemstones are fascinating and you do get “gem fever” I don’t know what experience you have but if little then I would take a look at the IGS course or a similar course, go around local dealers and try to engages them in conversation and hopefully it will impart useful information to you. Be careful there are a lot of shrks in the water. Try to find someone genuine to deal with if you are buying,

I am learning and taking courses. But do you know where is the best supplier of gemstones? China?

Personally I would not restrct myself to one country. Though in truth I do not know anyone in China, one in Hong Kong in a small way but i buy rough from all over. That way you have a chance to get the best quality and the best prices. I do not know where you are based but if I can help in the future give me a shout. my mail is


Hi Raman,
This is Ramesh from Jaipur.
Truely said, that you first of all have gem fever, and don’t count the hours spent into studying, thinking, discussing gems, and losing a lot of money.
My thinking is it is as if one has jumped in the ocean… Now don’t ever think of getting out… I mean you will learn by the experiences only.
You are doing some course… Your fellow students will also teach you some things by taking you into the market.
But finally it is your very own impulse and confidence that you buy some really good stuff which you can resell.
My advice is start collecting cheap specimen before you finally develop the “sight” and understanding to buy to sell further.
All the best.

First advice, DON’T!!!

I can’t change your mind?

OK, get educated!

Do at least one basic gemology course. Read, read, read. Get your GG or FGA if you have the budget. Go to international gem & jewelry trade shows, go to small regional shows, attend the seminars, go to many many shows, go to many many seminars, look at ten’s of thousands of gems, look at everything, ask questions. Keep doing this several times every year for the rest of your life.

Subscribe to gemology and jewelry periodicals. Read them all. For the rest of your life. Start a gem & jewelry library. Buy many many many books. Read them all. Then read them again. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times someone has asked a question, and something from an article or book I read 20 years ago popped into my mind.

If you are intent on gems being a lifelong career, get some experience in retail. Personally, I hated it, but what I learned was invaluable and has served me well for the past 35 years. The retail end user feeds us all. Learn that, serve that, protect that.


My advice is this … please be ready to spend a small fortune and read so much information that your eyeballs will either pop out of your head ,and I highly recommend BC POWDERS BY THE 50 PACK! and if you get through that and pass everything you need to…well then you can try your hand to maybe learn how to buy and sell some stones… And if you are making some progress and good money. Then you will have MADE IT TO THE FRONT LINES OF THE GEMOLOGY FUN ZONE! good luck to you! Make a million!

Hey chris;

Have very nice rough for facetings…
Tourmaline and peridots for facetings…