Activity on Forum

I’m glad to see the forum is becoming more active; this makes me want to come back.
Thanks for asking your questions ans sharing your knowledge with others :slight_smile:

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im new to this faceting world,irecently sent for a graves mark 4 faceting machine to start my new hobby. any heads up on this machine???

I’m also a novice, but I’ve heard good things about the Mark 4. Did you get a new one for a good price?

yes ,it is new. it takes 5 weeks to build one,two days to ship it to me. I gave 1,100.00 for it. they get between 1,400.00 and 1,600.00 other places.i have two more weeks to wait for it…this is very exciting for me,its a new beginning for trial and error I guess,bbuuuuuttt I’m a hard worker,i have my own rough gem-stones and I can’t wait to get started.

In all honesty the Graves machines are very much an entry machine, you will want to upgrade when you learn more. Not sure about the Mark 4 but prior models where not as accurate as others on the market. Fine for learning to facet but when you want to perfect the skill you will find it difficult with this machine. VJ machines are the “Roles Royce” of the facet world in my opinion, very well made and accurate machines but do cost a pretty penny too.

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