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A rush on gems?


A friend of mine sells mostly tanzanite and russian chrome diposide jewelry on her ebay store. very reputable. She is panicking because she has seen less and less of these stones available and heard that there is a rich man in China buying these stones up and that Putin is not allowing any gems out of the country, where the Russian chrome diopsides come from. I told her I would post this on the forum to see if anyone has heard anything similar or of value to her. She is handicapped and what she makes selling online helps her pay her prescription bills so it means a lot to her. Any info is appreciated. (I did hear they found a new tanzanite mine in Turkey).


From what I heard, Tanzanite was only found in Tanzania and that mine was shut down. I’m sure there’s some small mines around it still producing though. I have heard the story about the buyer in China opening 2200 stores and buying all the Tanzanite he could find. The Chrome mine was rumered to have been shut down and wasn’t producing much and very few large stones.

Lancaster, PA USA


Dear Diana Cap
Hallow Diana, I’m an IGS certified professional Gemologist, writing to you from Nairobi Kenya.I have read of your friends situation and I’m sorry for her, Jesus will heal her. Now, on the topic of tanzanite,I normally come across many tanzanite gems here in Nairobi. From the top quality which the miners call triple A to the lowest grade C. Different sizes from 0.5 to 3,4grams a piece from various gemstone offices in Nairobi. I have not heard of the Chinese buyer but what I can tell you, tanzanite is still in production. Only Tanzania produces the tanzanite gem no other country except some special case like Kenya where small deposits of the tanzanite gems have been found in Taita Taveta county this is because East Africa region is under regional Metamorphism Making it a region of different varieties of gems more over,Kenya and Tanzania are under the Mozambique Belt. Rather than dealing with Russian chrome diopsides, deal with other different types of gems which are easy to find and still make a profit, eg tsavorite, ruby, Chrome tourmaline, Alexandrite, blue sapphire, Gold etc. Broadening her buying spectrum will not only make her rely on the profit acquired for her expenses but also, she will have a great chance to open up her own jewellery shop, why do I say this? This is because the gems she will buy will be high quality and at a very low price than she expects.Tell her to look at East Africa. If she wants any assistance to acquire the gems, I’m available.

Best Regards

Philip Mwangi.


Thanks Duane. I am wondering about the Diopside still because the large ones are usually such a dark green they are black and useless so the smaller ones are the ones that are needed which makes me wonder about your info. NOT that you are a bad source! I am sure this industry is full of stories and rumors-look at the debunking of my “tanzanites in Turkey” story. This is gonna be a tough business, I can see that. Thanks for the info and hang in there, you and I started about the same time and its getting tough! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Philip, I will copy and send your reply to my friend. It was good advice for me as well. Once I get certified I am taking classes in watch repair, working as an apprentice at a jewelry shop and finally opening my own store. Hoping to do these things simultaneously so I wont be 80 when I finish, but its good to know there is a contact here for stones/jewelry purchase.

I am going to my first gem show this Saturday. Not sure what to expect but I will have my loupe handy!


Dear Dianacap
It is good to here from you. That is a good decision undertaking classes in watch repair, I to will advance in that section latter. As you have said, it is wise to carry loupe as you visit the gem show. I to, as I go to the ground to buy my gems I do ensure to carry two things at hand. My jewelers loupe and a dichroscope. The loupe for Identifying synthetics and the dichroscope for easy identification of rubies from other gems and also separating tsavorite garnet from chrome tourmaline. These two gems are equal in their color appearance but different internally. I’m thinking of starting exploration of gems and mine management of gems. I want to start an international trading of colored gems and diamonds at the same time selling gold and platinum. When You open your jewellery shop, put me on the list of your suppliers. I deal with natural, eye appealing both rough and cut stones and rough gold plus platinum.

Best Regards

Philip Mwangi.


Still looking for Chrome Diopside? I have several nice gems for sale. More info on that if you/your friend is interested. Also have some very pretty Tsavorite Garnets. Let me know.


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