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A lot of different Gems I would like to learn about

Hi all and it’s great to join. As I have got quite a substantial amount of gems it would be really interesting to learn more about them. I would love to be able to tell the difference between created stones, natural stones and treated stones. Hopefully it will be a great experience. Stay safe and healthy . Phil

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Well, you need to start with a basic gemology text, maybe Matlins book, Gem ID Made Easy. Another wonderful book is Hanneman’s Affordable Gemology, which focuses on using inexpensive instruments and a lot of gem knowledge rather than a little knowledge and more expensive instruments. Some treatments are detectable and some are not and you need to learn about that. Some affect value a lot and some almost not at all. Some are accepted and some are not. As far as natural vs synthetic, some synthetics are easy to identify and others require quite a bit of experience with the gem microscope. These two books and perhaps a few others should tell you about this. Good luck! -royjohn


Hi all , well I’ve been a member since January but not had the opportunity to post another message.

It’s great to join you all and hopefully learn some things about Gems.

As I recently received a huge amount of jewellery from my mother I stripped the gold items down and have well over a 1000 different gems from Amethysts, Diamonds, Tanzanite, Topazes, Jadeite , Tahitian Pearls, South sea Pearls , Spinel, Garnet, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Emeralds even some Alexandrite so will be looking to find people that are looking for Gems.

There are just so many different beautiful gems in the world and it’s a real privilege to have them.

So I’m going to start using the various techniques to identify what the many types are.

I will start taking some photos and uploading them for your curiosity and if you recognise any I’m interested in learning all about them.

In the meantime, please stay safe guys, we are all facing different challenges.

Best wishes.