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A few interesting gems


I’m a newbie gem enthusiast. I just ran into a few interesting gems that I cannot figure out what they might be.

First is deep orange, RI 1,729, SG 3,98, 2,47 ct, eye clean. Gemlogis Mantis suggests Sapphire by conductivity.
Second is bi-color (Pink / Clear). In this picture it looks yellowish, but it is crystal clear. RI 1,730, SG 4,04, weight 7,27 ct. Conductivity suggests Sapphire.
The third is slightly pinkish clear, RI 1,645, SG 3,21, weight 12,02. Conductivity test says Quartz or Tourmaline

My suggestions are: 1: Hessonite, 2: Tourmaline 3: Tourmaline
Am I badly wrong? Thans for your help!