A Couple of Unexpected finds on my Walkie Tonight

I never expect to find faceted stones but this is the 3rd


Finding faceted stones on the ground without settings is odd. Could you by chance taking your walks on a hiking trail? If so, that might explain it, as people loosing the stones out of their rings and earrings. Whatever the case, congratulations on your finds.

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Nope alleyway in a small city I live in.

York Pennsylvania i walk at night in summer because I can’t be in teps over 24°/75° due to medical conditions. I take a uv light or a bright light and flicker it across the ground looking for a sparkle.

I found 2 fake diamonds 1 looked real 1 had foil backing like children’s dress up jewelry.

1 real diamond that fell out of a bag that i didn’t know had a hole (7 months agter i gave up on finding it )

And this one all within 2 blocks of me

I spect it’s partially because of the deep grooves and cracks in the alley ways where these are being found. The fact that nobody pays attention to And it’s something I would Expect to see swept up by the street. Sweepers and deposited then just a large crack in the most convenient/ Lucky
location in any alleyway or streets

OMG!! I have been wondering where I lost that gem…:slight_smile:

just kidding!!

Lol this is why I love this little family here :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::pray::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart: