730 cts. Welo Opals


Stones range from 1+ ct to 28.3 cts. All were handmade by myself over a ling periiod of time. The most recent cut was 8 months ago, most of the lot about 2 yrs. No changea, cracking, crazing in any stines. There are 8 that have a minor crack from the dry sanding and polishing procedure ( 220 - 4000 grits, then Cerium oxide ). I never got around fixing the issues. There are quite a few that are not finished, and all are free form
On the positive side, there are many, many blazers with a wide variety of patterns including quite a few honeycombs. No dead drab junk. Only 1 8.4 ct. and 3 1+ ct. transparent blue common opal. Rest are fire. These stones will need finesse but all the uncertainty of the stones are gone. No potch, matrix, sand, or even sand spots on the faces and nearly all the bottoms
Nearly 3500.00 spent through Village Smithy Opals on quality rough. Asking 7000.00. Less than 10 a ct. Researching amd comparing most of the individual pieces " ad nauseum " to material offered on Opalauctions, Gempundit, and Ebay completed auctions shows ( to me ) that only a few of the small stones ( around 15 ) and possibly 3 to 5 others would fall in at 10 a ct
. Majority in the 20 - 35 ct., with 15 to 20% comping higher numbers. That is when / if some of the stones are finished and or improved.
Quality Welo. No Shewa or Stayish. All the rough stones wete initially placed in water after removing all matrix and sand possible. All cracks were confirmed and dealt with, with only a couple developing cracks during the sanding polishing process.
I reside in southern Arizona, humidity doesnt exist other than our 2 month monsoin season. No issues. I am selling this as a parcel, I think the price is good for resale . 60 stones between 4 and 8 cts. Over 20 stones 10+ cts. 3 over 20cts.
Apologies for the overly long ad. Thanks

I have pics of a 24 piece tray of the bigger/ better opals coming as soon as i can take it and upload it. Im no photographer, using only android phone and not messing with the pics orher than a little in white balance and ISO. Trying to correct the imbalnce caused by the fluorescent " day light" bulb Im currently stuck using. Still not showing the reds as deep as they really are. In sunshine pics as soon as the weather

clears up

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