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6.1ct Paraiba Tourmaline

Hi Folks,

I have a Tourmaline to sell. AIG certificate, and independently valued at AU$3365 (US$2590approx) for an insurance/replacement cost.

Its a good Octogon cut, measuring approx 9.74 x 9.59 x7.69 and weighs 6.11cts. AIG says its blue green, valuer says its olive/green/yellow. Some slight browning in two opposing corners, which surprisingly really works well in this stone. Has a veil inclusion under the table. To me it looks eye clean with my glasses on, inclusion shows under 10x loupe.

To me, take 25% from the insurance value to represent market value and we are looking AU$2520 (US$1940). Asking AU$1000 (US$770) and I am open to negotiations…love a good haggle session. Contact in this post is ok with me, or should you desire for more privacy my email is

My photos don’t show the quality, just bought a large light box (shadow box and whatever other names they are known by?) and am working on the lighting side of things…and have a standard 18-55mm lens. So much to spend money on lol! The better looking pics were from the supplier.

EDIT - paypal and crypto acceptable for buyers in or outside of Australia. Direct bank transfer/deposit ok inside Australia. Shipping is on the buyer and I can do shipping insurance at 1.5% of total sale price if buyer wants it.

Supplier Pic 1 Supplier Pic 3