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5 mm Round Blue Montana Sapphire

The dark blue sapphire is a faceted 5 X 4 mm faceted round with a carat weight of .90.

I purchased several carats in May of 2011 from a certified gemologist. He was hired as a liquidator for a failed sapphire mining company hoping to turn their inventory into some small return to the original investors. The liquidator depended on the records of the company for the provenance.

The sapphire is from the Lower Cottonwood Mine near Deer Lodge, Montana. It was heat treated in an unknown location and faceted with a brilliant cut with the requisite number of facets in Sri Lanka. The gem cutlet comes to a point.

I am selling this gem for $675. per carat = $607.50 USD. The Natural Sapphire Company is selling a similar dark blue sapphire for $1,350. per carat.

I have been buying and selling faceted gemstones for 17+ years. Inquires may be sent to, item #3.