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48.92ct STAR Emerald....yes, STAR Emerald!


A couple of months ago I posted that I was having a promising large emerald rough be cabochon cut, and would do a follow up when it was finished and GIA certified as a natural stone. We got that certification last week. I am posting a link to pictures and a video. The greatest surprise of all was once it was finished, it clearly shows asterism under ANY kind of light! There are currently only 11 known Star Emeralds in the world, the largest of which is 25.86 carats. This one is 48.92. Although requested by us to GIA for a comment or finding on the asterism that was and is certainly easy to see and specifically requested in our order, no commentary about it was on the report, so, we are re-submitting it to GIA for the express purpose of adding that as a visible feature, and hopefully once that is done we can claim the “largest star emerald in the world” title. We will follow up with how that goes. For now we want it left safely in the vaults at GIA until we can arrange an appropriate secure bank vault holding location as the determination of the future of the LaMere Star Emerald unfolds. Here is a link to the pictures and video of the stone from raw rough 70.16ct stage to finished product at 48.92cts . Link is shown here …

Lloyd Lamere
Gemologist, Partner
Inspired Designs by Linda


Thank you for the updates. Gen looks fantastic. Hope GIA re-avaluates the asterism.


Did you see something that looks like a star? I watched the videos like 4 times and didnt see anything. Then I googled pics of actual star emeralds and they were pretty clear. Not sure if I would give this one a title quite yet.


I believe this type of Emerald is called “Trapiche”


Nope no star. May be in a new video , would like to see one best of luck guys.