320cts of Finished Emeralds - Offering 5% Sales Commission

To all precious stone wholesalers and businessmen.

I’ve been travelling for years internationally and buy precious color stones. Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, etc.

I have for SALE… a LOT of Emeralds of high quality ranging from .25 cts to 7cts. In total there are 200+ pieces and 322cts in weight. From good Quality to very good quality Quality finished and polished.

Total Cost with Certifications from GIA would be around $850,000 but these Emeralds are not Certified. Certifications would cost about $16K and time so I give a discount amount.

See pictures below.

If for some reason you have someone who has an offer. Please contact me at 917-213-6274 by text or phone call. I am offering a 5% sales commission for a successful sale of the FULL LOT.