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3 sapphires comparison


I am being offered three heated sapphires for the same price. Aesthetic preferences aside, i am curious to which one of these stones would have the most value? The smallest is royal blue 1.3 carat 7.5 x 5.5 mm, the two larger stones are 2.6 and 3.1 carat are both about 9 x 7.5 mm. They all look eye clean to me.

Your middle stone looks like the winner here. Substantially more flash from the crown, and the over-all cut looks to be better as well. Perfect for a nice ladies pendant, ladies ring, or gentleman’s ring.

The top, smaller stone has the best color, but size-wise has a bit less versatility, and is better suited for a ladies ring

Your bottom stone is a nice strong blue, but looks like it was cut more shallow compared to the middle stone. This results in not having as much flash, but holds more of its internal color better. This one would be better in a gentlemans ring.


I agree, I did end up picking the middle stone. Thanks ! :slight_smile: