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1660ct Morganite, world's largest?

I have someone offering me a 1660ct Morganite, claiming it to be the largest in the world.

It’s perfectly clean, but a little bit pale.

Anyone know of any larger gem quality Morganite?

I know it’s a white elephant, but, pretty much every white elephant I have ever bought sold eventually, and I figure it’s a good promotional piece.

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Place a condition on the sale that the stone is independently tested by a registered Gem lab first. If you don’t hear back from the vendor you have your answer.

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I don’t know about world’s largest, other types of beryl occur in massive but not gem quality Crystals. I wouldn’t do any paying upfront, and I would want to make sure that it wasn’t irradiated if they’re asking for any real money.

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In case you are interested in white elephants - there is a green beryl for sale: 2425 ct! The owner did not say its the worlds largest, but its surely gigantic. It comes with GIA report.

I’m a buyer for a price!

Hi. Would you send me your e-mail adress? Maybe better to communicate through this channel. I send you the information plus the GIA report. Many thanks, Andre

Naaaaa! I have seen a much larger one in situ at the Mount Mica Mine in Paris, Oxford Co. Maine, uncovered in 2013. But really, now, who cares unless it is in matrix, with clear provenance and on public view in a museum? Bragging rights have a humorous history!

Depends on the buyer, a 1660ct cut morganite is a trophy gem with little practical use, but… everything has a price! :smiley:

Do you have more info about this beryl?

Dear Jolanta,

if you pass me on your e-mail adress, I can send you the respective evaluation report. I think what skyjems said about the morganite is also true for this beryl: it is a trophy gem…but nice to look at