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15 Stone Identification Exam

Hello - just a quick question to those who completed the identification test.

Does anyone know when we can expect the 15 stones to be shipped to us in the mail after completion of the first 3 exams? I am excited to use my new tools lol. It has been a couple weeks, and I have not heard anything other than “Yes we can. What is your address?” …which my address was already in my account.

I’ve followed up 4 times. Hopefully, they’re just on vacation?

Hi! We usually ship them out 2 days after receiving confirmation of your address. I’ll follow-up with you directly!


I had mine within a week of confirming my shipping address. They come USPS in an envelope, so if you have a normal locking mailbox they will be fine (the porch pirates won’t get at them generally.) The envelope would be easy to miss in your mail if you expected them in something like gem jars or boxes.

My stones arrived in individually in little zip lock baggies with numbers on them that correspond to the test. The baggies are marked in permanent pen, but it comes off rather easily especially around refraction fluid and alcohol, so you will want to re-container them when they arrive. I used a “pill a day” container to hold them together as a set once I received them and marked the lids with their numbers so I would not mix them up, but small gem jars will hold them as well.

Thanks, Lisa & Peter! I got them in the mail yesterday. Apparently, there was a delay at the post office or something.