14K Gold Jewelry Color

Hi everyone,

I recently receive 14k yellow gold bracelets, but the color from two ends look different (please see the picture), I know the 18K is darker than 14k, however, this whole bracelet is made of 14k, why is one bracelet come with two type of yellow color ?

Thank you for the help !

I’m sorry if I’m not capable of answering the question, but let me share my though.
the color of the metal changed for several reasons, including tarnish. because it is exposed to air, so its color had changed. or the second is because the coating/plating. Because (maybe its been touch by many of customer), the plating begins to wear off and reveal the original color.
But seen from his many bracelets that change, the possibility for exposure to the outside air, while partly of the bracelet stored or wrapped in plastic or its packaging. So the color change only a part of the bracelet (that exposed to air)
Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment, I agree with you that it is because of the plating, bez it is brand new pieces.

The different carat gold may cause the color look different. :slight_smile: