14.85 Hessonite Garnet

14.85 Reddish Orange HESSONITE GARNET. aka ( cinnamon stone)


New Arrival!!

Wow , Look at this Hessonite Garnet From my source in Colombo Sri lanka . Most of what I sell in sapphires, Garnets , Spinels come from his families land or very close to their base.

Newly Unearthed , cleaned then recieved excellent lapidary work . NICE!

CERTIFIED April 2024 and its with brothers , sisters, cousins and a few other types of stones. 64 in total that are in stock here In Pensacola Florida

From earth, to lapidary on site at mining station , then to get certified 4 miles from the site. Then to Florida. That’s your history for all stones that I offer .


GIven the charming name for not only its warm, spicy color, but also because it’s often discovered in parts of the world known for their extraordinary spices, notably Sri Lanka.

Some consider it a powerful talisman that’s able to cast light into darkness, meaning that it’s often worn to dispels bad vibes and negative energies. At some points in history, this gem was even believed to be protection against demons.

I hope that you never encounter such formidable adversaries, but I am confident that this gem will bring much joy and some good attention .

Details of this Hessonite Garnet

Natural Hessonite Garnet
14.85 Carats
Shape: Rectangle Octogon Mixed
Color: Redish/Orange
Measurements: 16.40 x 11.06 x 8.46mm

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CERT Included