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10x loupe check


Hi all,
i did some testings to understand better what counts with 10x loupes.
This has by no means the claim to be scientific but may be of interest for someone.
The loupes i compared are the following:

left from top

  • Nikon 10x
  • Bausch & Lomb 10x Hasting Triplet
  • Zeiss / Winkel D80 Apl. 10x

right from top

  • BelOMO 10x Triplet
  • LED LOUPE Triplet 10x-21mm - Dual Light - White/UV
  • GemOro 10x18mm Hastings Triplet

About the magnification there is not a big difference between them.
Pictures taken with Canon 5D and Nikkor 55/3.5 aperture 8.

Crops from center:

Whole lens:

Bausch & Lomb




LED loupe


Personally i love the Nikon because it is really sharp with great contrast and the case is very lightweight an slim but the lens the smallest of all.
The Bausch & Lomb is kind of a standard, really good an not expensive.
The Belomo is also really good but heavy, i heard it´s only 9x.
I was really surprised by the LED loupe. The lens is big and really sharp and must be achromatic and aplanatic. The light option is a big +.
I think the Gemoro must be a fake, quality is so bad - must be a single lens.

Thank you,


Thankso for that experiment. I have a 10x and 30x LED loupes bought on eBay a couple of years ago. Like you I am impressed withe their quality and having a real leather pouch is a bonus.
I had to buy 2 more because the wife stoll the first ones…
Look at this on eBay
Good Vale I think.


hello huttonIT1,
i wil check the 30x.
at the moment my favorit is the nikon
because it has kind of a 3d sharpness is very flat and light weight.
i also love the bausch, an old zeiss 8x and an old zeiss 3x6x9x.
all the best best,


Job well done, Ole. Many thanks for sharing this valuable information with new member. It is very helpful, since I need to buy one soon, Henry