10 pound Labradorite

I inherited this Labradorite. I need to clean it up more. How much would this be worth!

A cursory search reveals: a pound of polished cabs for $80, two pound boulders for about $20-30. The value of what you have depends on the direction of the fire. If, as I suspect, the fire is shown by looking directly at the cut face of your specimen, the best use is probably going to be to slab this for cabs. As such, maybe the price is about the $20 to $30 per pound for the boulders I saw on line. If you are intent on selling this piece, I don’t think you need to polish the face more, as a buyer would just wet the piece to examine the fire. Really nice, well polished and very colorful labradorite cabs can go at retail for $2/ct in the typical blue tones. There is some labradorite that red, orange and multicolor fire and in large pieces I see asking prices at auction of about $3/ct. I am not a labradorite expert, cut I don’t think, given the exposed face of your specimen, which has the typical blue tones, that there is any of this higher priced multicolored stone in your boulder. If you’re not a rockhound, you could look for a local club to see if any of the members want to buy something like this or list it for auction somewhere. If you do, get some good pictures of the fire with the specimen wet and just note in your photo that you wet it to best exhibit the fire. -royjohn

Are you sure it is labradorite?