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Yellow/ orange found in Idaho mountians

There was like a vien of it in one spot while digging with excavator, it was way out of place, while other stones and rocks were not of the same. Any ideas. Thanks

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Looks like quartz?

I agree. Looks like Quartz stained with iron. I used to see rocks like this in the creek behind my house in NC.

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Looks like it could be a yellow sapphire/ yellow star sapphire.

Yes I have the same in my creek in Australia :slight_smile:

Thank for responding, I did find them close to culvert I was digging up so there’s iron you speak of. Thank agian

If you get some hydrochloric acid from your hardware shop take a small chip from your rock and carefully pour some onto it to cover it while it is in a large glass jar, Do it outside and don’t breathe the fumes. Loosely close the jar and after a day or so add water to the jar and decant off the liquid while wearing gloves. Wash the rock and see if the acid has removed the yellow color. Neutralise the acid solution with baking soda before pouring it to waste. This procedure works in removing iron oxide stains from quartz. If your rock fizzes then your rock either contains or is a carbonate. Note that some silicates will dissolve slowly, including some gemstones. Please note that strong hydrochloric acid can cause burns and also blind if it gets into your eyes. So eye protection is essential whenever chemical testing of minerals is done.

Thanks kindly, I will do and let you know.