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Which certificate?


Hi im new to the site and would appreciate advice on the best place to have a gem certified that i have purchased thank you.


hi I don’t know where you are situated but the WGI are very reliable in London and I believe the have labs elsewhere just google world gemological institute


You can’t go wrong with GIA. The word certified is wrong. They grade or identify.


kknox14 above is correct. No reliable gem lab will issue a “certificate”, they will only issue “reports”, which are opinions based on their present knowledge and equipment. If the stone is significant and you’re in the US, use the GIA or AGL (preferred for sapphires). There are other excellent labs if you’re not in the US, but you’ll have to research a bit. If you only need basic identification, there are many very capable gemologists you could use. If you are interested for appraisal purposes, find someone who has both a gemological and professional appraisal credentials.