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Where can I sell rough gemstone?


Saudações! Tenho algumas pedras, se ainda estiver interessado, mande-me seu e-mail


Hello Beatha!
I’m also looking for serious buyers. Let me know if you find them please.
All best


Dear Mr. Brian
I got some gems on my own to, would you like to I send you some pictures to?


Hi Please send me your details I would be interested in tourmaline in particular, Many thanaks (my email is


I buy facet rough but I usually stay away from Ebay for it because very often the quality is not as advertised. I do use the Facebook Groups and have learned which reputable sellers to trust. Some are not reputable and there are some countries that I will not buy from because I was burnt once and won’t have that happen again.
MiSa Gemstones


I am intest in starting my own WordPress website. To sell gemstones on l need help in promoting it all help would be great.


Hi, I ran across the I topic and I saw your stones. Your ping star sapphire is nice along with the blue. I am more interested I. A pink right now though.
I have some ruby rough that I have not been able to get around to cutting yet yet and most likely will not for some time yet and would love to fins a 2-2 1/2ct pink/light purple oval star at a decent price.
My email address is
All the best