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Where can I sell rough gemstone?


Hello, we have recently started a gemstone selling business. We represent small local miners without any middlemen. The gemstones we export include high quality spinel, garnet (rhodolites), green tourmaline, ruby etc. Where would be the right market to sell the gemstones? Any interesting gemstone trade shows to attend before 2016 ends?


what are the size and grades


Hi Beatha,
There are several ways to sell good quality roughs (clean facet roughs). The easiest way is to sell your stones on Ebay. But I suggest that you start a website where you can display and describe the items that you sell. There are a lot of good templates that are free to use. The difficulty is promoting your website - but that can be done in different Facebook groups (I can help you out there if you want).
By the way, I am also interested to know what quality and sizes that you sell.
All best!
Anders (Ztrix Gems)


I agree please share your lot. Pic and weights, and asking price open a Google page, Facebook page and join groups. Do we get first look? I will help share.


Hello, I would also be interested in knowing how you will be selling your gems. Please provide link to site or auctions.


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Hi Anders,
Many thanks for the reply. Apologies for late reply, I was away travelling. Thanks for the nice suggestions you provided. It is our plan to start a website for selling the gemstones, not now but very soon. We will contact you to get help in promoting the website.
With regards to the quality and sizes of the gemstones, please provide me with your email address and I will send the list to you.
Thanks and regards,



Apologies for late reply. Please send me your email address and I will send you a list of the gemstones we have and their grades.



Hello, we don’t have a link to site or auctions. We were interested to attend big gems shows like Tucson to sell our rough gemstones. If you are interested give me your email address and I will send you a list of what we have. We are still very new in the business.


hello, apologies for late reply. Please send me your email address and I will send you the list. At moment we haven’t posted anything on Facebook or google page, but we will in the near future. We are planning to attend big shows like Tucson to sell our gemstones. We hope it is the right place for these kind of rough gemstones.


Hi again Beatha,
My email is
Looking forward to hearing from you.
All best!



Are you in the USA? If you have to travel to Tucson the cost of selling there can be quite high. Some of the venues are quite expensive, and until you have exhibited for several years and developed a reputation you may find it a tough gig.

Some of the venues at Quartzsite are much less expensive, but it still takes time to become well known and trusted.

I think selling online would be the way to go.

Cheers, Brian Boyle


Dear Brian,

Thank you for your comment and advice. Much appreciated. We were also wondering that attending Tucson would be expensive but we were not sure. We would try online probably in the near future. If you have any contacts interested in buying rough gemstones we would appreciate if you could introduce them to us.

If you are interested to see pics of some of our gemstones send me your email and I will send them to you.

Kind regards,



Thank you for your message. We still don’t know how we can sell them. We are planning to attend some big shows to sell our gemstones. If you send me your email I will send you a list of what we have and some few pictures.

We try selling them online in the near future. At moment we don’t a website yet or auction.



Hello Beatha

Yes, you can e-mail me direct:

I would love to see what you have available. I do also have some contacts that may be interested.

Kind Regards



Que piedras son , dimensiones y calidad es importante , estoy interesado en comprar.


hello, send me your email address and I will send you some pictures of what we have. Thanks.


Hi! I would like to see what you have as well!

My Email is:


Hello, I would like to see the rough spinel you have. my email; Thanks


Be careful, there are quite a few out there who do not want a new find of gems, and also a few con artist. I have been there done that, and still have so much great rough. I was told to have some cut first and then go to a well known trade show or jewelry mart area, Los Angeles, New York. Be patient, it pays off. I have a 15lb. Emerald rough, sapphire and etc. Good Luck


Hey hello,

Can you show me your rough as well?

Would be wonderfull!