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Where andhow can i sell a pink sapphie

i live in western australia and was woderijng whats the best way of going about selling my pink sapphire

A dear friend of mine is looking for a pink stone, preferably round brilliant, for a ring. I’m suggesting a sapphire since she has MS and does not have the best control of her hands and is rough on any stone she will wear. Do you have pictures and a price? I can come up with a wax that will work. Right now all I have is a 3.45 Jedi pink Burmese spinel that needs the table re polished. It’s a bit big for her hand but if she sees it she will demand that be the one. It’s an awesome stone for sure.
All the best and hoping to see your stone.

Would you mind letting me know how much you are looking for for your Jedi Spinel?


Dear Moonfruit,
Thanks for your interest in my spinel but unfortunately it is not for sale at this time. The table needs to be finished on it. That is why I ended up getting it for such a great price in the first place. I think daughter has her eye on it right now. She saw it and went totally nuts! I have to say that anything she wants, she gets! This will be a great investment stone for her and she knows it. Since I have gotten into colored stones she has started paying attention to what I am doing. She wants a legacy to pass on to her children as well. Can’t blame her.
I did pick this up at a rock and gem show from a kid that inherited his grandfathers collection and had no idea what he had. I did not know what I had either till I tested it and had a friend look at it. That is when my daughter saw it. She did not hear about the value yet. I’m, as they say, gobsmacked!
All the best on the hunt for that elusive perfect stone.