Very special Demantoids

Hello every one
Is there anyone could help me to value this rough stones ?? They are from 1 carats to 50 carats.
I mined new Demantoids , Please help me to sell them or help give a price on them.

Below one is 48.5 carats.

Below one is 16.4 Carats .lemon green.

The below 3pcs of Demantoids are 16.4 Carats.

Below are more green.

Below are greener and more transparent.

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We’re these mined in Tanzania? They have a gorgeous color. I would refer to the blog of prior to this in which a couple has uncut gems.

“ For the rough, you probably need the services of a professional cutter if your appraiser thinks any of the rough is high end material. I say this because rough is notoriously difficult to value and appraisers are not necessarily familiar with valuing it. Once you have an idea of what to focus on, you can probably develop enough expertise to evaluate the color and clarity of any high end stones and you can look on line for comparables at various commercial sales sites. Loose cut stones can be sold in various Facebook groups that exist for the purpose, at auction houses, on Ebay, or locally to jewelers. If any stones look particularly promising, you might have them certed and appraised. You will need to bear in mind that retail prices are quite different from what you can expect to get if you are selling loose stones…those prices are wholesale or somewhere between wholesale and retail. It’s jewelers and collectors who are buying on line, with perhaps the collectors paying a little more than the jewelers. Hope this helps. -roy”


Very thanks for your reply. They are mined from Iran.
I will try to sort colors and clarity and than cut them into faceting. I will try your methods .
Thanks again

Thanks to the poster who quoted my prior response, but this question and this material is much different. It’s hard to be sure, but a lot of the material is very dark and a lot is also quite included. Even cabochons of demantoid are usually at least quite translucent. Good cabs and even included faceted stones of good color could value at about $100/ct for stones over a carat (ref: GemRockAuctions). Some of this material will not make the grade for gem quality cabs or faceted stones, so there is a lot of sorting to be done by someone who knows faceting. Be aware that a large piece of opaque material might have a small clean area that would facet to a good color. Even a 1 ct stone of good color and VS clarity could value at $1000/ct and possibly as high as $4000/ct. But, given the appearance of the pictures, 5% or none of what’s pictured could rise to that level. A good gemologist/faceter or rough dealer would be the person to sort this and offer advice. -royjohn

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Very thanks for your reply.
I will sort them and trying to facet some of them and upload pictures.
I hope it could help to identify value and beauty of this stones.

Im intrested whatsapp +2349155633751 greetings from Nigeria

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The quantity looks great. Hiwever, i think it would be hard to determine especially from your photos. It diesnt show if there are any inclusions or how they could even be cut. I thinj if you take tgem all to a reputsble cutter they vould estinate a better value.

Im sure you know a large stone nay have inclusions and a cutter either has to cut around them or maybe make smaller stones.

I find it hard to say and think a cutter looking at the lot is your best bet. I dint cut stines but kniw that a cutter is the expert at least in my opinion.