Value of almost colorless sapphire

I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the value of an 7.5 ct, eye clean (slight inclusions under magnification), unheated, Burmese sapphire where the color is noted in the certificate as “Tinged” and it is a very faint tinge of blue color but mostly looks colorless.

Given color being the most important factor in Sapphires I am curious if colorless makes it almost worthless or if the clarity, size, origin, and lack of treatment gives it any real value.

I would not be buying for resale, just to put in the safe for investment.

Thank you.

I buy white sapphires to replace diamonds all the time. I bought one with hint of pink 3 ct untreated emerald cut for $1300.00 from India. I love it in place of a diamond center stone. They are very rare in the large sizes. Yours being 7.5 is a very nice large size and clean. I believe my sapphire was from Sir Lanka. Good for you, you have a very nice gem!

Nadine Laxen


Thank you very much for the information, makes me feel a bit better.

Appreciate the help!

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White sapphires are far less costly than an untreated brilliant blue. I would put it around $900-1000 carat wt. As noted above the the larger sapphires eye clean untreated and unheated will be more pricely as they are indeed rare. What was the cut?

Do not use the grading system for diamonds.

Yes, agree with the others, value it as a colorless sapphire,

Most buyers are not gemstone professionals, hence, most buyers think of sapphire as BLUE. How many times have I been asked what that yellow stone is, what that green stone is, what that bi-colour and parti-colour stone is and when I reply SAPPHIRE they recoil and I can see the doubt in their eyes until I say that not all sapphires are royal blue. Then they say ok and either wander off or get really interested, particularly in the pinks.

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