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Unknown CATS EYE Mineral

Here is a gorgeous specimen from the turn of the century. Can you help me narrow down this stone? Fantastic chatoyancy right down the middle. Green-gray softer stone. It has metallic speckles in it like copper. I am fairly certainly it is a diopside because it has metallic sparkles. Thoughts?

Hi, I purchased a pair of gems online recently that stated they were Natural cats eye Alexandrites, see attached photo looks very similar to the gem in the ring to me. But I have not received my gems to test as yet.

Quite pretty! Mine is definitely not chrysoberyl. I have a soft stone with metallic inclusions. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of cat’s-eye nephrite jade.

I thought that also, but it has metallic specks all through the stone under the microscope.

My guess is green cat’s eye quartz w/o any lab work or metrics. Quartz is a mohs scale 7. It’s not “soft”… but that’s what it looks like to me.

Thomas Harter

Is it cats eye Quartz?

Either cats eye quartz or “cats eye jade” also known as actinolite cats eye.

It appears to be tektite to me. I have been working with the Saffordite tektites for a few month Now marketing them online. That come in 3 main Color combinations.
Green/Gray, Violet/Red and Clear/Violet. As far as I have discovered.
This is the number one reason I developed a professional interest in the industry of marketing minerals I mine or collect to the world market. It’s full of learning curves and growing pains. Lol I do enjoy and love my work. I may be wrong? I may not? I will have pics of a Similar coincidence shortly. One important clue: is there a lot of tiny Chotaany specs that the leg wavers between/in?

Could be Feldspar 6 hardness is significantly less than 7, mohs scale is not liner . As for this stone being a tektite most likely not . The current definition of Tektite dose not allow for any internal structures or inclusions that would produce a " cats eye" if cut right. Green sheen obsidian or “gold obsidian” maybe I have seen some wild looking obsidian in muted greens and grays . But my bet is the stone in question is a Feldspar not all Feldspar look like moonstone with that white pearly adularescence .

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Hi just curious if someone could help me identify this gemstone thank you.

When I purchased this item I was told that it was a chrome diopside cat’s eye but I was told there is no such stone by a jewellers. Thanks

Green cat’s eye chrome diopside is rare, but can be readily found for sale at major gem shows.

Thank you for your time and help