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Two tones jades - Khim Bor Ziang

There is a popular word I learnt in Thailand and among Jewellers in Thailand, they called " Khim Bor Ziang" which described two shades of one color, or shades of one color; e.g.,such as Dark Green Jade and Light Green Jade in one stone. Most of classic cutters and polishers usually prefer to cut the stone in one shade to create a monotone colors. But among Thais, Chinese and many South East Asian and South Asian have been traded and sometimes they were very popular or in style. This word can describe a lot in Jades, Rubies and Sapphires especially in Cabochon stones. So you will run into stores that sell " Khim Bor Ziang Rubies" or “Khim Bor Ziang Sapphires”. I really like to collect some of them since it is one way to indicate the unique character of stones that came in Nature, they are not as perfect as Lab made gems. I will be posting some awesome Khim Bor Ziang Jades in a few days and will be back to update.You can keep an eye in Instagram under “Diasporas Center” as well. I was told that the Jadeittes that I cut were harder than Emeralds. They are just stunning !.

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