Tsavorite - colors

Hello everyone,
I have an interest in tsavorite. Any opinions on the colors from Kenya verse Tanzania? I have a few different stones from both mines. I have noticed that the Kenya are slightly more “blue/green” and the Tanzania are more “yellow green”. The “yellow green” were described as “neon” or chrome green from the seller.


Hi I have always known Tsavorite as chromium green in my opinion lighter coloured green should be classed as grossular garnet the first Tsavorites discovered were from Tsavo National Park Kenya, I have not heard of other sources thanks

Thanks for your response Syd,
I might not have been as accurate in my description as I could have been. Shades of tsavorites can vary in color, tone and saturation. The ones I asked about are green, but on the yellow side vs blue. I don’t know if I can post pictures here.
Tsavorites were first found and mined in Tanzania by Campbell Bridges. It borders the Tsavo National Park in Kenya hence the name. His mine was nationalized by the Tanzania government (similar as to what happened to the tanzanite mines). He moved his operation across the border to Kenya.

Hi yes you can post Jpeg on this community service thanks