Trouble finding info

Anyone know why I can’t find much info on Beryllonite? Everything is very basic about it that I find nothing to help me with getting to know the capability of this stuff.

Beryllonite is rare, difficult to cut, and usually not very attractive for jewelry use. If you’re looking for faceting information, that’s probably why there isn’t too much out there. Some cabs can show cat’s eyes, however.


I can use it for the mineral in it tho right for crystal growth or dispersion treatment?
If that is what I have that is.

Just go to Google search, type in Beryllonite gemstone, and you will have all the info you need!! From where it can be mined, how it looks, finished gems, pricing and many other cool facts about it. You will even find the usual fakes and what I call, junkanite, one can find on Ebay.

I did. But I see this as a way to keep the community active and help people think. maybe bring a stone to someone’s attention that didn’t know it even existed . And some of my post I make in hopes someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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