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Hello Everyone!!
I’m new to the group and was curious about evaluation of the Tourmaline/Pariba stones.
My question is with the price guide which is quite wide in valuation. I know it must vary with the color of the really beautiful blue/green color in the larger stones being the most valuable. But I’m not sure how to figure it out.
I have a ring with 6, 1/2 carat light blue/green color Pariba set in 18kt white gold and also 1/2 carat of baguettes diamonds of G/H , VS1/VS2 color.
I’m trying to figure out where these stones would fall on this price guide…
Can anyone help me to understand how to figure it out please?

I may be off base here. But with my limited knowledge, because I’m new to this too. I would suggest getting it evaluated by a professional, with a breakdown on what each component is worth, the setting, stones, ect. Make sure you get a “replacement value” evaluation, for insurance purposes. I only have a small collection of stones, and as I can afford to, I have them evaluated, certified, and appraised, then insured.


Thank you for responding!! I have had it looked at and appraised for replacement value but I was wondering how to read the very wide value on the scale for my own understanding…
Colored gems get no love from the jewelry stores. I took it to one very large “Diamond” store and they had no one who could evaluate it for me…
It seems that with such a wide value scale that it is all based on someone’s opinion more than an actual scale. Unlike diamonds.