Tourmaline Carving, help identifying carvers name

So I was gifted a pink Tourmaline carving, shaped like a fish. There is a name cut into the back, but I cannot make out what it says. I was hoping someone here could at least make out what it says, or possibly have more insight into it. I was told it was carved in the 1930s, but who knows how accurate that is.

Good morning all the way from South Africa. :grin: I can almost make out I just need a slightly clearer pic if that is ok?
Best regards Jarryed.


hi there sir, So I have seen the pictures that you have sent and this is my conclusion is that! it is a name or a pet name of the carver Iintinkua / Iintinkuii meaning mole in xhosa. It could be that it was the pet name for the miner and carver this happens a lot here in Africa.
best regards Jarryed.

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Also the early Greek spelling for Jesus… who is also represented by a fish. This would likely explain it being a “symbolic” fish carving. Nice piece.