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Torrington Emerald

Hi just thought I would post a photo of the Torrington Emerald I just finished cutting. Torrington is a small town in northern New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately the mine has been dug out ages ago.


That is a unique stone. What size is is the final cut? Do you have any plans for setting it? Would love to see what you have in mind for a final design.
All the best.

Hi Otter, it is just on 1 carat, I do not know if I want to set it, may keep it as a specimen but my wife has her eye on it :upside_down_face:

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Hi Syd,
How unusual! I can see why the wife wants it. Here is a pic of my Ethiopian emerald which I am still trying to decide on the final design of a pendant!

thanks Chris, nice your emerald is a good colour,
the torrington emeralds in the main have the chromium lines through the gem. as is was growing the amount of chromium in the rich hydrothermal fluids changed with more or less chromium to give these stronger green lines

The rule is…Happy wife, happy life. I think you should keep that in mind. ROFLMBO! A nice pendant in a protective setting would be a good idea. Oh, loads of insurance also. Just in case something would happen to it. That will scare her into only wearing it on special occasions only. That way you both win. It’s hell being an artist’s better half or even the artist. I hate to admit it but some are so hard to let go.
Shame such beautiful stones are no longer available. I hate that I missed out on a few some time ago. I guess I did not know what I was passing up at the time. Now I have a boatload of grandiderite.
All the very best.