The magical metamorph-like process of unfolding a deeply felt and like inherited knowledge about minerals and gemology

Hello everone. My name is Lene, I am 42, a mother of 3, born and live in Norway. (15 years way north of the polar circkle, the rest of my life i have located somewhere in the area just north east of Oslo (capitol)

I consider myself a fairly normal human being, but believe in nourishing what we are naturaly drawn towards when it naturally occures. As you probably understand this is not a square-I-fit-inside-a-box mentality or something that will make you rich unless you are one of the few with the luck that makes it so they are at the right place at the right time and awake and able to grab hold and hang on to whatever fortunate opportunity passing by within reach.

I am definately not one of the lucky ones, I cannot say that anything Good ever just appeared somewhere close to me or my sorroundings. And to be honest, I have led myself through this journey all alone after becoming an orrphane when I was 8,and noen of my blod relatives had the time or had counted me into their futureperspective so fostercare til 14, 2 years with mother (abondoned me at 3 and did not really want me back other than to take the money I got of my dead father when I turned 18) moved out and started my adult life at 16, and became a mother of twins at age 18.

Well, enough lifestory Mumbo jumbo :slightly_smiling_face: I have Always had a thing for rocks, mountains, sand, sparkle, riverbeds, the seashore, deep and steep in walley sorroundings carved out of the glaciers during the last ice agens all the mysteries that geologically has its origin then or Even some million or more years before that. I am not the person to wear such as jewels or precious metals of any kind, but I have kept
my childlike fascination on the topic all my life. And this last summer (the hardest, sadest, toughest summer ever) this took on a new form so to say. I cannot say I remember Even thinking about expanding this interrest in the direction it did. But here I am with a lot of spescimen I need to confirme to be what I may believe it is ( Even tho everybody laughs at me and calls me crazy because non of the samples have mentioned norway in the origins-list.) But stubborn as hell I took on the journey, and it felt like as if my knowledge on the subject excist in me already and since I crushed open the first piece of rock I have let my Intuition guide me forward until this point where I need some sort of confirmation from someone with a degree. :slightly_smiling_face: I even made a story during the time to manifest and give shape to my lifelong hope that the universe finally wants to Grant me with a deserved and very unexpected treat to compromise the cosmic dept i spent my whole youth and adult life to pay off!… The hope that ever since my mother stole my tarot dekk, and used it to cast a spell over me, where she curse me and turned the whole shabang around so I was the reason behind the cosmic or carmic dept she had recieved as punishment to pay back equally for the horrible and pure evil things she had done to harm me for 35 years. And when I finished of and made my last payment the universe found out what she did and what a disaster this have caused me and the way my life unfolded. The universe clearly did not see my mum coming on as twice the psycho she already was when she convinced herself and everyone else that leaving me to take on all shit for both was the least I had to accept since she made the calls that led to everything ending up being my mistake no mather what. So she kind of forced her carmaaccount down my through and left me with the responsibillity for all her fuckups and shit until she was in balance again. Showing nothing but pure satisfaction and joy watching all the pain, agony, unfairness, lonelyness and shame I had to take on at her expence. But now universe found out, and my mum Get what she deserves. But I still have payed for twise as much as I would be able to Even think of doing in a lifetime, so Universe owes me now. And only way mother earth can give back on behag of universe without humans involver i through itself. And the biggest need for me is that something miracoullouse hits me and gives me the one shot I depend on if I shall keep my selfworth, respect and hope to keep it going so I can keep the stability of our home for my 12 yr old and for me to keep my sanity and to make sure my mans dignity is withheld and that justice will win this time and we will have the moment we deserve so we can keep going till there’s no turning back :heart: sending photos of specimen and samples soon, in hope that some may have at least a small value, and that since its origin that is located just about 2-3 km north of the emerald mines in Minnesund.(it Closed down silently only few years after starting to mine in (1829) as it was’nt paying of as expected. And the sorroundings areas never ever was sorted out or searched with a purpose of mining for emeralds or any other gems so the area is a blanc canvas with possibilities I would say. ) The mine is now a touristinfo attraction and is visiret by over 5000 through a season reaching from may-oct i think. You pay 50 Nok and go down to the mines and dig for emeralds in the dirt that was dumpes from the mine outside along the lower shore of the lake «Mjøsa» where the mine is located. Even now som many years after closing, there is found emerald on the shore multiple times every season.) That being my only statement to aknowledge and justify the time spent on rocks and stone and sand and dust instead of coocking and cleaning for everyone so fingers crossed for me and the answered that night give me the chanse to say «told you so!!»

Thanks for your time anyway. Looking forward to Get more into gems and the people who apparently know and love their craft with gems :heart:

Bye for now :heart:

Lene :slightly_smiling_face:


Your past is like mine. May we walk the mines of our future as family.

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Hi Elizabeth.

Its Always a blessing to Get to know people who ‘gets you’ because they can relate based on equal experiences :slightly_smiling_face:

So why are you a member of this society? What got you into gemology in the first place? How much experience and knowledge do you have?

Just courious to know what led people out gem hunting. There are so many Good stories about it :grin:

Well I should try sleeping a few hours.

We’ll talk again


I literally told my story a day before you did lol

The post is called how i became an amiture gemologist

I have FAR more knowledge in trauma recovery and want to use this hobby to fund recovery non profits.