Stone cutting machine

I am a beginner and wondering what a good stone cutting machine would be good to start with

The best you can afford cheap machines will suck all the fun out and add frustration. You will see stores telling you not to buy used machines but if you know the person and have seen the job the machine can do and the price is right do it .I would not buy a used cheap machine. If you have done your home work you have an idea of the top brands i wont plug them here but you can spend 2000S for a used one . Last but not least get a machine you can get parts and service for,Good luck and the best yield .

It depends if you are looking to cut cabachons or faceting. The better machines cost more but are worth it. You also need laps for faceting or wheels for cabbing and they can be expensive. Consider a Graves XL5 or Facetron for faceting. You will need someone to get you started with instructions. Good luck and enjoy.