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Starting A whole sale Gem business

Evening all ,
Kindly asking for advice and resources on getting into wholesale gem trading for mostly Zambian sourced gems ( Emeralds , Garnets , tourmalines , Amethyst , Aquamarines ).
we have around 4 years experience with retail but are hoping to expand.
what should we look out for
what are the best ways to meet clients
how do we know current market prices and best practice.

Thanks in advance ) Any resources , books ,links will be highly appreciated

Look to Facebook for starters. There are many “Gem & Mineral” Groups there. Join some and then just observe. As for prices, travel to trade shows. Those will give you a Market consensus and is a wonderful way to meet others in the Industry.

I’ll second trade shows.

Be careful with Facebook groups, there are lots of fakes going around, some are poor imitations, but some are excellent looking synthetics with fake /reused certificates.

Thank you so much for the feedback.
Lovely day )

Please send me pics of what you have,my email address is

Kind regards

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Hi! Please send me your contact Information. Maybe we can help each other. - Mike Acquire Collectibles or

Hi Savygems,
I would discourage you to buy wholesale by ebay…lots of fake. For Emerald, garnets, toumalines and Aquamarines…i can definitely help you with wholesale. If you need more info please contact me,
Good luck

Sincere apologies for the late response, will take pics later today and send. or

+8613247007061 for whats app ) or

+8613247007061 for whats app

We actually get from small scale miners in Zambia, i’m Zambian aswell, but working in mainland China, makes access easier for stock and also for the retail market. we are actually looking to supply to ther clients rather than buy as we already have supply and cutters

Hi Savvygems,

We are wholesale gem dealers for Ceylon gems. Specially Sapphires. We are based in Sri lanka and Canada.

I would first like to suggest that if you are travelling to the sources its very essential that you are familiar with the trade culture. The gem trade culture and the vibe here in Sri lanka is very different from Mada or Mozambique. So the best way to go there for the first time is with another dealer friend or a local who you know well.

Thanks for the heads up, I’m Zambian by birth so very familiar with the culture and the gem trade practices. My main issue is with getting reflective market prices from potential customers or people that are in the trade. I need the info for budgeting and financial planning.
will help us set a ceiling for buying rough ,
also give a general idea on how much to spend on cutting and value addition.
The gem society price guide is useful but not necessarily reflective of the current market

any suggestions on which market places to watch so I can get a good market reflective average ?