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Spray Solution Ratio

Does anyone have a solution for diamond spray that you will share? I found an article on using olive oil and alcohol and it worked but then I lost the magic ratio - my first guess was awesome but haven’t been able to repeat it. Maybe WD40 or lamp oil - olive oil is thick and balls up in alcohol.

I use slide trombone oil. Found that on a site (??). Works very well. Olive oil is good for tomatoes…;))
0ne centimeter in a straw for about 5 7 ml of oil. Lasts a lot of stones

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1 cm of what for 5 to 7 or 57 ml (2 oz) of oil? Is that a cm of diamond in a straw?

Thanks for the reply but I’m kind of slow?

cm of diamond in the end of a straw to 2 oz of trombone oil - I’m going with that - thank you sir!!

Yes it was not comprehensible. I push a straw (drinking one) in the diamond powder until there is 1cm of powder in it. Then mix it with about 5 ml of oil.

Thank you - ordered trombone oil - my shop is unheated and olive oil is balling up in alcohol - that 40 F is chilly.
Looking forward to this - you put X drops near the center - use drip water?
Sorry - I’ve a piece of mystery stone that is going great then as my points are nearing the girdle - scratches - Corian lap was contaminated - too much diamond me thinks! :{.

I’m really not understanding how 1 cm of diamond can mix with .176 fluid ounce of oil - seems too thick. This is a paste, right?

I’m being a pest - I’ll figure it out. Thanks, I will be giving this a try.

In the straw that you push in your diamond pot till 1cm (about) there is far less than 1ct`. 7ml if you prefer makes something fluid. Then two drops well spread then paper towel. All of that when the lap is turning. Even corian works. Same with Batt Tin etc

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Too much diamond on my lap has been my downfall - having a really good day of polishing then as the polishing begins to slow I add a splash of diamond solution (oil & alcohol) and it goes to being better or being a nightmare. Can’t seem to keep a sweet spot - not so with hard stones - you’ve been too kind - I must learn to be miserly with the diamond and more generous with patience - Thank you sir.

Thanks defiance - I got trombone oil today and used your formulae on a CD sprinkled sparingly with acetone until a white sheen appeared and wiped it clean then a few drops of 5000 dust with trombone oil then cut and polished in one step Crown facets. I just wanted to pass on a great combination - you probably have this perfected but I’m sure happy with this method and I have several hundred new laps!