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Spotting Beryllium Diffusion?

If I suspect that a piece is BE treated, I usually just pass.

But… Is there a way to check other than a university or large gem lab?

I’ve been playing with immersion and coated stones, they show up pretty clearly from what I’ve tried it on so far. Glass flat bottomed jar, bottle of wintergreen oil and a microscope, but you can see a lot just dropping it in the oil.

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I also recomend immersion. Dont forget to use an oil that compares to the gemstones R.I.
I use Cinnamon oil. It is not that dangerous as other oils with higher R.I.

Wintergreen isn’t has high as cinnamon, but it has no yellow or brown color to it, it’s the clearest I’ve found. Oh yes, I don’t think it smells as good as cinnamon though.

List here of safer oils

Household Liquids