Sooooo... Where are the rest of the Faceting diagrams information?

Hey all, new member here, signed up for a) more Faceting diagrams and b) pricing guide that is not GemVal…

Well. The pricing guide is way old…

But the hundreds of Faceting diagrams, I was excited… Until I looked at them, they give me the pretty picture, but not the angles or indexes to cut with?

What am I missing? Is that info hidden away someplace else?

Feeling a bit frustrated.

Hi There - Seth from IGS here. I just noticed this forum post.

Here is the deal with Jeff Graham’s materials. As you may or may not know, Jeff Graham very regretfully and very unexpectedly passed away in 2009. I literally used his site daily, and I loved his writing. I got to know him a bit through email correspondence with him, but numerous other IGS members knew him personally and far better than I did. He contributed tremendously to the community.

There are certain diagrams for which the information was always freely available on Jeff’s primary website, The information he made freely available in terms of actual cutting instructions was quite limited I’m told. I don’t remember, to be honest… it has been a long time now.

In any event, we DO have have permission from his estate to publish any of the cutting instructions he made publicly available, BUT because so much was missing from the archive of his website, we can’t be absolutely sure what he made publicly available and what he didn’t. As a result, to respect the wishes of his estate, we simply eliminated ALL OF the cutting instructions from IGS. While this may frustrate some, we have to be respectful of the family’s wishes.

We were very fortunate to receive permission to maintain an archive of all of Jeff’s articles and any other information he posted on the website. We have been carefully editing those articles and actually augmenting them with updated information as time allows. It is quite an undertaking, but hopefully Jeff would be pleased knowing that we are spending a lot of time making sure his information stays out there for public consumption free of charge (note that you do not have to be a member to read any of Jeff’s materials – all are, and will remain, available to anyone for free, forever).

There are certain other cutting diagrams that were only in Jeff Graham’s books that he sold. Anyone who wants those diagrams must purchase them from, which is currently (to my knowledge) the only authorized re-seller of that intellectual property. I do believe they still sell them…

With regard to the gem price guide. Most all of our values were updated between 2012 and 2014, depending on the gem. In many cases, the values have not changed materially. However, we are in the process right now of overhauling that entire section of the website, as the price guide is a feature that many use and enjoy.

I hope this information helps alleviate some of the frustration…

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