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Site changes and confusion


I took an extended break from the course to get equipment for the prac test, and now the site has a new layout; despite the fact that it shows the other 3 tests completed, it also says 0% progress. Do I have to redo the course from the beginning, or am I free to just take the practical?

I also have a question about the practical. The site said that we can take the other tests as many times as we needed; I took one for practice, then one seriously, with the resources available, to pass, and the others to achieve mastery (for the sake of retaining knowledge, not getting a higher grade.) The site is unclear as to what happens if I fail the practical. If I only get one shot, then I don’t want to use it as a learning experience.

I sent this in a contact form a week ago, and I haven’t gotten a response yet, so I figured I’d post here to see if anyone can help.


Hello. I just looked at your account and I can see that you took and passed all three written tests and now the Practical Test is all unlocked and ready for you. The 0% that you see is actually a little obscure math bug in our system which we’ll get fixed asap. :slight_smile: Regarding the Practical Test, you can also take that as many times as you need to until you get 87% or higher.


Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for that information!