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Sibirian gem

Dear Gentlemen,

I suggest discussing cooperation, gemstones from Sibir, Russia about, if it may be interest for you:

  • natural jade (white, green, yellow, black, gray) and jadeite;

  • Natural charoite (lilac, blue, dark blue);

  • natural seraphinite;

  • natural chrome diopside (named “Yakut emerald”);

  • natural sibirite (raspberry, burgundy, pink-rosy);

  • natural sherl (black tourmaline);

  • natural tourmalines;

  • natural demantoids;

  • native shungite.

I’m ready to supply faceted-cutted gem and also uncutted (piece by piece);

It has possible to discuss the supply of gemore (for example: schungite, seraphinite, charoite, sherl);

Additionally, there are supplies of finished jewelry with Siberian gemstones.

Please write to me on or

Thank you, Best Regards, Alexandr Rumiantsev, Chief Manager NSB Bureau, Moscow, Russia

If you require Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires please email me at