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Sibirian gem

Dear Gentlemen,

I suggest discussing cooperation, gemstones from Sibir, Russia about, if it may be interest for you:

  • natural jade (white, green, yellow, black, gray) and jadeite;

  • Natural charoite (lilac, blue, dark blue);

  • natural seraphinite;

  • natural chrome diopside (named “Yakut emerald”);

  • natural sibirite (raspberry, burgundy, pink-rosy);

  • natural sherl (black tourmaline);

  • natural tourmalines;

  • natural demantoids;

  • native shungite.

I’m ready to supply faceted-cutted gem and also uncutted (piece by piece);

It has possible to discuss the supply of gemore (for example: schungite, seraphinite, charoite, sherl);

Additionally, there are supplies of finished jewelry with Siberian gemstones.

Please write to me on or

Thank you, Best Regards, Alexandr Rumiantsev, Chief Manager NSB Bureau, Moscow, Russia