Selling Oregon Sunstone into Asia


Looking for some advice on selling Oregon Sunstone that I mine directly into Asian markets, specifically Jaipur and perhaps Bangkok and Hong Kong,

I understand from some friends in the industry that specifically in Jaipur there is a demand for Oregon Sunstone in pink colors in rough form to be used for beads.

I know personally that I have multiple sales in Japan and Korea and believe there is a market for this relatively unknown stone but trying to figure out how to get it over there.

I might be planning a trip late this year to Jaipur as I have some contacts there, but I’m frankly not sure of the gem selling culture there and how I would be perceived coming in with a couple or a few kilos of rough material I intend do sell.

I would prefer to do business over phone and internet, but some things I know just require a trip. If I can make enough profit from it and establish ongoing relationships it’s worth it.

Any thoughts?

Hi Brian,
well they Have there also Sunstone and Jaipur is KNOWN in the gem-world. I think you better try to check it on internet by connectiong on (india mart) etc this will help you to check the demand and price you can get as you know all big markets are not Easy market Jaipur, Bangkok or Hong kong. All the best. YOGI

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