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Rough Emeralds from Panshir, AF

Greetings, I have access to Rough Emeralds mined in Afghanistan in the Panshir Valley. Quality ranges from Industrial to the very finest quality. Interested parties may inquire at I have recently become a trusted agent for the supplier. Business offices are located in Kabul, Af and Dubai, UAE

I’m interested but I can’t send a message to your address

Sorry you are not able to send the message to my email address, How can I help you?

Hello, I would like to buy raw emeralds

please send me an email with your address in Dubai
and more details please
my email is

Hello Marko1953,
Our company can supply any grade and quantity of Rough Emeralds, Mined in Afghanistan, that you may want. You said you can not send an email? What other types of communication do you use? And if you don’t mind can you let me know where you are from and any other detail that you deem needed for us to conduct business.