Red spinel Value

Hello all,

This is my first post here :slight_smile: I would like to get some idea on how much this red spinel is worth. 10gram 50ct Red spinel.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, it is not possible to give a value on this gemstone as you would need to put a light under the gem and take some photo’s then put these on the forum. Cannot tell from this photo if the stone is clean or has inclusions flaws etc.
there is a massive difference in price from a clean gem to one that is completely flawed or cannot be facete because of quality
Have you tested the gem to know it is in fact spinel.
where did it orginate from is it Burmese???
all these things have to be considered for price even with an uncut gem



Thanks for the replay! I don’t have any additional pictures of it at the moment. It’s from Afghanistan and I’ll upload pictures once I receive it. I was just trying to get a ball pack number.



Please see attached pictures of the stone. it’s 49.5 Carat.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, it is still difficult to tell if it is gem quality that it will cut clean with no flaws or full of inclusions etc.

If it is gem quality and will cut clean I do not know who could put a price on it as it could cut as much as 15 cts

one of our other Forum members may be able to advise further

Do you still have this piece available ? if so how much ?