Red amethyst how much is it worth where should I sell it

I have a stone that appears to be a red amethyst in some base metal jewelry I bought from India. A jeweler said it is an amethyst and he was gia certified. The stone measures 14mm by 10mm. How much would it be worth, and where can i sell it?

I’d say based on what this stone looks like, it’s normal Amethyst, most likely heat treated of course. Giving dimensions, saying for example it’s 14 x 10mm Oval with estimate of 5mm or so Depth, it’s probably around 4.5 cts. or 4.20 Ct - 4.85 Ct but most likely it’s a standard cut so 4.5 is probably about right. and I’d say medium dark bluish purple, which is common, I fail to see where that red came from, and the only ones that really show up with splashes may be Siberian, but this is definitely not Siberian. so even with that and giving you the benefit to say it’s Eye Clean 1, and good cut, top retail may be around $100.00 but to be perfectly honest, this stuff is as normal as water. and it’s a bit on the dark side so that could also play but as I said, this stuff is as common as water which is why they probably set it in costume jewelry. I’ve seen better color selling on ebay for less than $10.00 if that tells you anything. As a gem dealer, I’d say you’d be lucky to get that out of it.


Thanks for the info I did not spend much on this piece I just wanted to know if I had something special. I have bought some really nice thing on the internet for not much before and turned them around because people are uneducated. Thanks for answering!