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Real World Wholesale Prices Are Hard To Find

I basically joined IGS for one reason, being a retired jeweler now 85 with a lot of major gemstones to sell all I wanted was realistic real world wholesale prices.
Many of my rare gems are certified by AGL with ‘Prestige Reports’ others have brief AGL reports.
IGS has a price list that is so broad it is worthless to me. I want to sell all my gems below what the current wholesale prices are, by as much as 25 % .
We need a Rap Sheet for gemstones sort of the same thing we use for diamonds. At least with a GIA certified
diamonds report you can sell diamonds you bought many decades ago like candy at half off the listed price.

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I use Gemworld International, with the World of Colour booklet for coloured gems to get a rating etc and go from there with their prices on their website. on their website pricings are for coloured gems which mainly I use, diamonds, Coloured diamonds, opals, pearls.

will cost you to get the World of Colour booklet and be a member nothing comes free.

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