Please help with identifying the following?

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Can anyone help in identifying the following gemstone? It’s in Guinea Conakry West Africa

Hi, it appears to be corundum… Not the gem quality but growth lines and color concentration indicates ruby and sapphire.
Still unless you… Can you know it’s specific gravity.

No. Can you explain to me what I will need to do to find out what it is?

Hi, see the very first sight of both stones appear to me to be corundum…ruby …

But the second thought which comes to my mind is it can be garnet. but the very first step to identify it is Learning About its specific gravity. It requires to have a weighing scale …

if you have one pls show me that too. may be you can calculate its SG at your place without taking it to any laboratory.

do you know its weight.

Hi, I think it is a variety of Tourmaline - Rubelite.
I have a lot of this in my collection. Often they have black points and they have a special peculiar smell.
Please let me know later, if it was correct.
Pls ask Mr. Dr. Jochen Schlüter Curator from the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Hamburg/Germany. He know this correct. I think, he can help you.
Good luck for you

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I will send an email to Dr. Schlueter.

I will keep you posted.

I appreciate the help

Thank you

Good morning

My friend doesnt have a scale with him at the moment.

I am having him bring back a few samples so I can test it here in the USA.

I’m in NYC.

Should have the samples by end of this month.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you

It is not a garnet… garnets are isometric, and the crystal is hexagonal.

It is probably not tourmaline… the striations on tourmaline are parallel to the long (c-axis), and your mineral has partings that are (0001) parallel with the c-face and perpendicular to the long axis.

I agree with the earlier suggestion that it is corundum… ruby / sapphire if colored correctly, but the common coating on corundum can hide the true color of the mineral.


Thank you for your analysis.

Its typical corundum

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Looks like corundum, especially the crystal structure and color of the stone.

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it’s a corundum, shape is barrel if you look at the side surface.
fifth image clear barrel shape, this shape is known for corundum

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It looks an awful lot like a ruby like I have floating around my shop some place. Granted yours is a bit larger but it could be its twin sister. If you can find a Mohs tester you will find your answer. Only corundum and diamond will scratch it. SG is the other test that will give you an answer. But to my eye it so closely resembles the, not so best quality, Ruby raw stones that I have here. I have some real small and one larger one that does closely resemble yours in shape and color.
All the best in your detective works.

Door Stop or Paper Weight corundum. ;))

looks like sugilite to me.

Good evening. Thank you for the reply. Would you happen to have more information regarding this sugilite? I appreciate it. Thank you

Low grade ruby and sapphire in larges sizes is well know from Guinea

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Thank you. I appreciate the information.