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Omphacite black Jadeite jade

Hi on my recent trip to Thailand I visited Mae Sot I was lucky enough to buy a piece of rough Burmese black jade pictures attached, I intend to cab several of these pieces. I think it will need to be quite thin to show the dark green under light though, I will post o[n forum when I cut them for any interest

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Well I finally got around to making a cabochon with this Jade here are a couple of pics in daylight (black) and with torch (deep gre


Dear Sir, I could be to offer wonderful Yacutian black Jade from Russia if it will can be interest for you! Please you can write to me on email at, Thank you, Alexandr

I have a few of very dark green jades and people who are in the trade told me that these are considered black jades. I guess it is very hard to find deep black colors in jades. I really can’t tell the difference of black Jades from Black Sapphires and many black stones in trades.

its the translucent black jades that are rare and hard to find. the Omphacite jadeite jade is very valuable if it has a high translucency to it.and the color is very candy apple green. the piece in the post isnt very translucent, nice piece to play with, could carve into something nice. most black jade is opaque, and it very plentiful,there isnt much of a market for black opaque jade.

Such a gorgeous piece you have :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Hi Markw i suggest you have a look at this website
As this piece is exactly what is being sold on this site and the person behind this company has been studying buying and chasing the last pieces of this special jadeite for decades thanks

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful jadeite. Your cabochon came out beautiful.

this this is a piece of omphacite, that i had found in baja mex. (There are many secret deposits of different kinds of jade’s in baja), You could literally fill 40,000 lbs cargo shipping containers, each day by just collecting the opaque jades off the beaches that go unexplored in baja. mostly opaque black vulcanized jade, then there are also omphacites, and the pieces that are super clean white that look like hetian river jades, and many others that are very similar to what you would have found in big sue,back in the 1950s. Anyways, i found this one, (see attached) I thought it was obsidian for a moment, checked gravity and it was way to heavy so i did an image search because i hadn’t ever seen this kind of translucent black jadeite before. and this image of heavensstones main page profile came up and the stone matched mine almost identically, the shape and color …ect mimicked the one i just found. in the background of this image is my tv screen with a picture of the stone from heavenstones that im talking about. im holding my stone up to the one from heavensstones, on the tv. notice the two stones,

its super candy apple translucent green with light behind it

here it is with light behind it . i showed it the the owner of heavens stones when i found it