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New here

Avid rock hound and novice? jeweler (self taught) I initially came to this forum to price some stones I\’ve found in the Colorado Rockies.
Now I\’m hooked, I enjoy learning about mineral and gem identification. I still have some mystery stones I\’m not sure what the heck they are (Recalcified topaz? and diamond???)
Hoping to network and find buyers/network to unload some of my finds.
thanks 🙂

Welcome. I hope you can get some help with your identification of your mystery stones.

You may want to get some tools to help you with the identification. A refractometer would be a good start as well as a polariscope. Both of these items aren’t very expensive.

In fact if you buy Dr. Hanneman’s book “guide to affordable gemology” (Guide to Affordable Gemology) you will learn how to make your own polariscope if you desire. It also gives very practical advice on how to identify gemstones and what equipment to use to help with the identification process.

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