Morganite stone White Queen mine 225CT. almost flawless

trying to figure out price per ct and value

HI there dear reader. That would be museum grade goods and the only way to obtain a correct value statement would be from IGS labs or GIA labs.I would sergest not using any other as that would be seen as a rear gem and would have to be verified and certified by a top known lab, Such as one of these two withe high regarding and world wide status behind them. Before approaching any form of sail world wide gems of such large size and clarity will also maybe obtain a different value per ct, depending on how the gems are sold as well, for instants on auction with certification of the gem! it might reach a hire than stated value du to the beauty in the eye of the beholder factor, than if sold to a collectors it may dip a bit lower in sellable value because it is a box peace, meaning that it could possibly never be worn or that it would only have better display perps value such as for museum prepossess. Best regards Jarryed.

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I agree with the above comment as to getting a GIA certificate. Once that is done, then contact Christie’s or Sotheby’s to see if they will list it in their rare gems auctions. If not them, then contact Garrard, Winston or any of the big jewelry houses. Just look in Town & Country magazine as they always advertise there. I hope this helps!

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