Moldavite information, out of interest


I’m doing some more research on Moldavite. But there is so much fake info.

Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what is the largest piece ever found? I’ve read between 235 and 258 grams.
But also what is the most expensive piece ever sold?

Does anyone know the current estimated time when Moldavite is near enough gone? With the current spike in sales and prices, and it is very difficult to buy wholesale, it seems that it is almost gone.

Thank you!

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That is why a lot of it turns out to be 7Up bottle glass!! ;))))))

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As far as the largest known moldavite, there are different weights mentioned on various websites. However, this compilation at least lists its sources:

According to this work, the heaviest known moldavite was recovered in Bohemia and weighs 500g! The source for this info is the 2001 book “Tektites” by Ken McNamara and Alex Bevan. This website also lists two other moldavites found in the Czech Republic, which weigh 265.5g and 258.5 g.

This website,, seems to have a great deal of information on tektites, including moldavites. Their contact page lists some Facebook groups, where perhaps you might find people with specific information about the most expensive moldavite piece sold, estimated time to depletion, and the estimated gem and crystal market/sales in the UK 2020/2021.

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Hi im doing Moldavite wholesale. I live in Czech few kilometers from deposits so have all information from source. Biggest public known Moldavite is 265,5g from “Slavice” in Moravia.

Most expensive sold piece is unknown. Biggest and most expensive specimens is selling non public but im sure it will be more than 1 million USD.

There is only 2 sandpits where Moldavites are officially mined. Chlum - in my opinion will end in 5 years. They are almost mined out of all material. 2nd sandpit is Vrabce and they just started ending of mining and process of reclamation that mining area. There is not any other rich deposits worth of commercial mining and all another deposits was illegaly mined. So there is no good prospects of sourcing new material.

If you have any questions, fell free to ask.

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Hi Roman … Can you post some pictures of your specimens here? I certainly would like to see some of them. (Rough and Cut if possible). Thanks. :smiley:

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